Deputy Foreign Minister Massalha to Visit Scandanavia

(Communicated by Foreign Ministry Spokesman)
January 25, 2000

Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, MK Nawaf Massalha, will depart tomorrow (Wednesday, 26 January) for a working visit to Norway and Denmark. While in Norway, the Deputy Minister will meet with the Foreign Minister, Knut Vollebaek, and with his deputy Wegger Stroemmen. In Denmark, Deputy Foreign Minister Massalha will have meetings with the Deputy Foreign Minister of Denmark and with the Speaker of the Danish Parliament. In both states, the Deputy Foreign Minister will meet with members of the Foreign Relations Committees of the respective parliaments and with union leaders, as well as addressing research institutes.

The Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs will update his colleagues on developments in the peace process, will examine the possibiliies for advancing trade relations between Israel and these two states, and will discuss additional bilateral issues.

In addition, Deputy Minister Massalha will brief his Norwegian hosts on Israel’s expectations from next weeks meeting in Moscow of the Steering Committee of the multilateral peace track, and about Israel’s hope of fully renewing the activity of the multilateral track in the existing format of working groups. Norway has been active in the forum as the representative of the Donor States.