FM Levy Briefs Foreign Diplomats in Israel

(Communicated by Foreign Ministry Spokesman)
February 9, 2000

Foreign Minister David Levy warned today (9/2) that if Katyusha rockets were to fall on northern Israeli communities, the earth of Lebanon would ignite.

In a briefing to the diplomatic corps in Israel, which took place in Jerusalem, Foreign Minister Levy said that if Katyushas fall on our communities, vital interests of Lebanon would go up in flames and it would take many years to rehabilitate them. Lebanon has a government and an army and must act to prevent dangers to Israel.

The Foreign Minister also called on Syria to prove its intention towards peace. Levy said that if Syria wants to, it is capable of restraining Hizbullah, adding there is proof of this capability.

In the press conference which took place after the briefing, Levy said that there are "holes" in the Grapes of Wrath Understandings that must be plugged up, as Israel demands, so that Israeli soldiers will not be exposed to Hizbullah attacks that turn the civilian population into a living shield.

Foreign Minister Levy revealed that Hizbullah has placed weapon depots among the civilian population of Lebanon, taking advantage of the fact that Israel refrains from attacking civilians.