FM Levy Meets Egyptian Ambassador Bassiouny

(Communicated by Foreign Ministry Spokesman)
June 2, 2000

In a meeting which took place yesterday (June 1) between Foreign Minister David Levy and the Egyptian Ambassador in Israel, Mohamed Bassiouny, the two discussed the withdrawal from Lebanon, the peace process with the Palestinians, and the possibility of renewing negotiations with Syria.

In regard to the Syrian issue, Foreign Minister Levy stated:

"It is possible that there will be a positive development with the Syrians, in the same way that rain follows a tempest. Indeed, it may be that now, following our withdrawal from Lebanon and the resolution of Syrian domestic issues, the voice of reason will hold sway, and Syria will not be interested in international isolation, nor in taking unnecessary and grave risks.

If Syria continues to support terrorist organizations in Lebanon, it will be making an enormous mistake. Following our withdrawal from Lebanon, terrorist attacks will win no international support. Syria and the Hizbullah will derive no benefit whatsoever from the creation of chaos in Lebanon."

Foreign Minister Levy expressed his satisfaction following the declarations of President Mubarak and Foreign Minister Moussa, who both welcomed the withdrawal from Lebanon, and he told Ambassador Bassiouny that their statements reflected political insight.

Ambassador Bassiouny stated that the decision take by the UN with regard to the implementation of Security Council Resolution 425 will be acceptable to Egypt.