FM Levy Meets with UN Secretary General Annan

(Communicated by Foreign Ministry Spokesman)
June 21, 2000

In a meeting today (21/6) between Foreign Minister David Levy and UN Secretary General Kofi Annan, the two discussed the success of the redeployment of the IDF from Lebanon in accordance with UN Security Council Resolution 425.

The Secretary General praised the Israeli withdrawal, which he said was carried out "with willpower and with determination. We have achieved much together through cooperation and hard work".

Foreign Minister David Levy noted that a heavy feeling exists whereby Israel is being accused of violations at a time in which it has acted in accordance to what was agreed upon in the UN, was positioned exactly on the borderline and has acted in full coordination with the United Nations organization. "A heavy feeling has been created on our side as if we are in violation of understandings and that is after you announced in the Security Council that we acted in accordance with Resolution 425. The other side must not be allowed to rely on claims that we are not following understandings", Minister Levy stated.

The Secretary General said that there are claims of violations but most of them are extremely minor ones. They must be examined, but not so as to give a pretext to detract from the great success, which is a result of Israel’s brave decision.

Foreign Minister Levy also raised the subject of the village of Ghajar and said that "a creative solution should be found so that agitation will not be created in the area. The division will not be beneficial and tragedy must be avoided".

The Foreign Minister arranged a meeting today for representatives of Ghajar – who had turned to him and the Foreign Ministry in an emotional appeal to help prevent their village being divided – with the UN Under Secretary General for Political Affairs, Kieran Prendergast, who promised to deal with their request.

With regard to the situation in South Lebanon, the Foreign Minister said that despite the quiet, the things happening beneath the surface, such as the continued Iranian involvement in supplying arms to the area, cannot be ignored.

Following strenuous activity by the Foreign Minister and the Foreign Ministry with the Secretary General and his staff of assistants, a meeting was set today for a delegation of the families of Israeli soldiers missing-in-action with Under Secretary General Prendergast. Representatives of the families expressed satisfaction regarding the meeting which took place today in the afternoon.

 FM Levy Meets with UN Secretary General Annan
 FM Levy Meets with UN Secretary General Annan
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 FM Levy Meets with UN Secretary General Annan
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