FM Levy Meets with US Deputy Treasury Secretary Stuart Eizenstat

(Communicated by Foreign Ministry Spokesman)
June 29, 2000

In a meeting on June 28 between Foreign Minister David Levy and US Deputy Treasury Secretary Stuart Eizenstat, they discussed a range of matters, including the Phalcon issue and its implications, an increased Israeli role in the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), the state of the Israeli economy, ways to achieve progress in Israeli development towns, and the issue of restoring Jewish property from the Holocaust period.

Foreign Minister Levy and US Deputy Treasury Secretary Eizenstat also raised the possibilities of joint projects between Israel and the Palestinians, between Israel and Jordan, and within the context of the trilateral relationship between Israel, Jordan and the Palestinians, under US auspices and with US participation. In addition, they discussed the initiative of Foreign Minister Levy to establish a regional health center.

Deputy Treasury Secretary Eizenstat expressed clear readiness, on the part of the US, to support the efforts of Israel to become integrated in the OECD, and added that Israel would be able to participate as early as the first stage in the new committee established within the organization, on the initiative of the United States.

With regard to the Israeli economy, Eizenstat stated that the US administration is encouraged by the fact that the Israeli economy is experiencing growth, and he assessed that this would continue for many years to come, adding that growth has the potential to attract funds and investors, reduce the deficit and improve the state of the Israeli economy.

In the course of the discussion, reference was made also to the difficulties experienced in trade relations between Israel and the Palestinian Authority. In this context, Foreign Minister Levy presented details of an initiative for the development of economic ties between Israel, the Palestinian Authority and Jordan, involving a health center to be established between the two countries, serving Jordan and the peoples of the region. Eizenstat expressed his support for the idea, and promised extensive assistance in advancing it.

The Minister warmly thanked Deputy Treasury Secretary Eizenstat, on his behalf and on behalf of the Jewish people, for his efforts towards restoring property to Jews, which achieved tangible results, including the successful conclusion of negotiations for compensation with Switzerland, Germany and Austria.

 FM Levy Meets with US Deputy Treasury Secretary Stuart Eizenstat
 FM Levy Meets with US Deputy Treasury Secretary Stuart Eizenstat
Eizenstat Speaks on Israel’s High Tech Economy – Haifa University, June 28, 2000