FM Levy’s Reaction to Arab League Foreign Ministers

(Communicated by Foreign Ministry Spokesman)
March 13, 2000

The following is Israel Foreign Minister David Levy’s reaction to the outcome of the recent meeting of Arab League Foreign Ministers in Beirut:

The peace-war double-talk used by certain representatives at the meeting of Arab League Foreign Ministers, calling upon Arab states to re-assess their ties with Israel, cast a heavy shadow on their true intentions and attitudes toward the peace process.

Israel will continue to act with great caution, and its position will duly reflect future developments. The hard-line opposition to the peace process still dominates the Arab League. In the face of these threats, Israel will take decisive action in order to protect the welfare of its citizens and soldiers, and that of the SLA and the residents of southern Lebanon.

Israel will also continue to strive for peace.

Israel’s security and prosperity is founded upon the might of the IDF and the strength and steadfastness of its society, and not on the mercy of the Arab League.