FM Levy to Participate in Conference of the "Community of Democracies"

(Communicated by Foreign Ministry Spokesman)
March 7, 2000

The Ambassadors of Poland, Czechoslovakia, the Republic of Korea and the United States met on March 7, 2000 with Foreign Minister David Levy and presented him with an invitation to participate in the conference of the "Community of Democracies" which will take place in Warsaw on June 26-27, 2000.

The conference will be held at the level of foreign ministers. Its purpose is to encourage democratic governments to increase cooperation and mutual dialogue with the goal of strengthening democratic processes and institutions in places where they already exist.

Foreign Minister Levy updated the ambassadors on developments in the peace process with the Palestinians and on the government’s decision to redeploy from Lebanon.

The Foreign Minister said that the Palestinian Authority must work vigorously against the terrorist infrastructure in the autonomous areas as it is similar "to an inactive volcano which you do not know when it will erupt". Mr. Levy added that the prevention of the terror attack last week not only saved human lives, it prevented "months of work from being wasted".

Foreign Minister Levy briefed the ambassadors on the government’s decision to redeploy from Lebanon by July 2000, noting that this issue was at the center of the last elections and the party platform of the "One Israel" faction. The redeployment from Lebanon will remove the wild card from the hands of Syria and Iran, said Levy, adding that "if Syria is oriented towards peace, the decision to leave Lebanon should not disturb it".