Foreign Ministry MASHAV Cooperation with Egypt and the Palestinian Authority

(Communicated by Foreign Ministry Spokesman)
February 1, 2000

In the framework of wide ranging collaboration between the Foreign Ministry Center for International Cooperation (MASHAV) and the Palestinian Authority, a ceremony will be held tomorrow, February 2, marking the conclusion of a course in Bee Keeping. The ceremony will be attended by the Palestinian Deputy Minister of Agriculture, Dr. Azam Tubaileh, representatives from the Israel Foreign Ministry and the diplomatic corps, and will take place in Netanya.

The course was conducted as part of the joint year 2000 training program between MASHAV and the Palestinian Agriculture Ministry. Thirty Palestinian trainees took part, half of them women from the public and business sector. In the last three years, Palestinians make up the largest group participating in MASHAV courses in Israel.

On Thursday, February 3, the concluding ceremony of the Egyptian experts’ course in Farm and Irrigation Management will take place in Jerusalem. Representatives of the Israel Foreign Ministry, the Ministry of Agriculture, and the Egyptian diplomatic staff in Israel will take part.

In 1999, four hundred Egyptian professional personnel participated in MASHAV courses in Israel on a variety of agricultural topics, the goal being to develop the agriculture and agro-business sectors in their country.