Foreign Ministry Participates in Campaign Against Trade in Women/b>

(Communicated by Foreign Ministry Spokesman)
June 22, 2000

A professional workshop is now taking place (June 21-23) in Kiev, Ukraine, dealing with the fight against the trade in women and children. The workshop, convened on the initiative of the US and Ukraine Governments, includes the participation of eleven other states: Israel, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Turkey, Greece, Romania and Moldova.

In view of the significance the Government of Israel attaches to cooperation in this important struggle against the violation of basic human rights, the Foreign Ministry initiated the dispatch of a senior delegation of the Israel Police to the workshop, headed by the Director of the Investigations Section in the Intelligence Department of the National Headquarters, Deputy Commander Avi Davidovitz.

During the Conference, the participating states intend to put forth principles for an international programme of action involving the legal, immigration and law enforcement authorities dealing with the matter, in order to work towards the elimination of the scourge of the trade in women and children. The participants also aim to establishment working ties between the authorities in the various countries who are tackling this distressing phenomenon.