Jerusalem, 7 February 2000

Forum to Coordinate the Struggle against Anti-Semitism

(Communicated by Minister for Israeli Society and Jewish Communities Spokesman)

At the session of the Forum to Coordinate the Struggle Against Anti-Semitism today (Monday) 7.2.2000, chaired the Minister for Israeli Society and Jewish Communities Rabbi Michael Melchior, it was decided as follows:

1. To cooperate with the countries of the Free World, including the United States and the European Union in order to respond determinedly and to coordinate steps toward Austria and to develop joint programs to strengthen democratic forces in Austria and work with groups such as opposition parties, labor unions, human rights organizations, youth groups, extra-parliamentary groups, etc.

An example of this activity is to sponsor visits to Israel by Austrian youth groups to attend educational programs, including visits to Yad Vashem and meetings with Holocaust survivors.

2. To develop educational programs throughout the European Union, including teaching the lessons of Holocaust and multidimensional recognition by all levels of European society to meet he challenges of xenophobia, in the spirit of the Stockholm Conference.

3. To strengthen connections with Jewish community organizations throughout the world in order supply detailed information regarding events in Austria and to strengthen coordination between community organizations.

4. To prepare and distribute material on past and current statements made by Freedom Party officials and its leader Joerg Haider, anti-Semitism in Austria and the factors behind anti-Semitism and the rise of the Freedom party and on Austria’s role in the Second World War.