Georgia – Travel Warning

(Communicated by Foreign Ministry Spokesman)
August 16, 2000

Following the kidnapping of three members of the Red Cross and a warning to tourists issued by the Georgian authorities, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs wishes to bring to the attention of the Israeli public that the border area between Georgia and Chechnya in the Russian Federation is dangerous for Israelis to visit or to stay, for any reason. Travelers should particularly avoid the cities of Shatili and Omalo and the area of Pankisi in the Khaheti district, northeast of the capital city Tbilisi.

The Foreign Ministry emphasizes that the decision to visit the above-mentioned areas or to stay in them is taken at the discretion of each individual and solely on his own responsibility. The Ministry wishes to make clear that, from the point of view of Israeli law, it is not forbidden to visit these places or to stay in them.