Greeting from President Weizman to the Moslem World on the Occasion of Id El-Fitr
Jerusalem, January 2000

As the Moslem holiday Id El-Fitr approaches, I would like to take advantage of this festive occasion to greet Israel’s Moslem citizens, as well as their coreligionists in our region and throughout the world.

For Moslem believers, the month of Ramadan constitutes one of the central religious precepts of Islam and provides an exalted opportunity to purify the soul and to contribute to human society in thought and deed, through mutual understanding and tolerance.

Our region is of supreme holiness to three religions – Judaism, Islam and Christianity – which have contributed to humanity important educational values which continue to enlighten our world.

We are hopeful that the framework of the peace between Israel, Egypt, Jordan and the Palestinian Authority will spread to include the entire region, whose considerable resources can then be utilized for the benefit of all the region’s people.