7 October 2000

Hostility on Lebanese Border
(Communicated by the Prime Minister’s Office)

One hour ago, PM and DM Ehud Barak called upon the Government of Lebanon to immediately cease all hostile activiites on Israel’s northern border, and impose its authority upon all the organizations operating along the border.

The Prime Minister related this message to the Government of Lebanon and Syria. PM Barak stated that Israel views with the utmost severity any violation of the calm that has existed on the northern border since the IDF’s withdrawal from Lebanon.

The Government of Israel intends to take decisive action in order to ensure the safety of Israel’s northern towns and villages.

PM and DM Ehud Barak will convene this afternoon a security consultation and this evening convene a special Cabinet meeting. At these meetings the IDF withdrawal from Joseph’s Tomb and the situation in the territories and the north will be reported.

Government Spokesman Nahman Shai adds: I would like, at this opportunity, to also deeply deplore the actions of the Palestinian Authority following Israel’s withdrawal from Joseph’s Tomb. Israel has proven over the last 24 hours that it is willing to take any action necesary to reduce tensions in Jerusalem and the territories, such as reducing its presence on the Temple Mount to allow Moslem prayers to proceed peacefully, but the outcome is quite obvious. This applies to Joseph’s Tomb as well. Reports we have received show that the Palestinians have betrayed their commitment and have let this shrine fall into the hands of the mob.

 Hostility on Lebanese Border-07-Oct-2000
 Hostility on Lebanese Border-07-Oct-2000
Outbreak of Violence in Jerusalem and the Territories – Sept/Oct 2000