Israel Expresses Regret at Security Council Decision

(Communicated by Foreign Ministry Spokesman)
October 8, 2000

Israel expresses regret at the decision of the United Nations Security Council of 7 October 2000, and utterly rejects the attempt to place responsibility on Israel for the violent riots, which have exacted such a heavy price on both sides.

The government of Israel is acting tirelessly to advance the peace process, while remaining prepared to make painful concessions. The recent violence is the result of the duplicity and procrastination which the Palestinian leadership, headed by Chairman Arafat, have displayed in the peace process since the Camp David summit. Peace is not merely a slogan to wave before the media. Peace is the courage to make compromises and to abide by obligations. The attempt to place the blame for the outbreak of the riots on alleged Israeli provocation is a cynical attempt by the Palestinians to deny their direct responsibility for the current violence.

Israel is disappointed by the voting of the members of the Security Council, in which they endorsed a unilateral decision which rewards violence and undermines the basis of the peace process.

Israel will continue to strive for peace while safeguarding its security and the security of its citizens.

 Israel Expresses Regret at Security Council Decision
 Israel Expresses Regret at Security Council Decision
Outbreak of Violence in Jerusalem and the Territories – Sept/Oct 2000