Israel – India Dialogue

(Communicated by the Foreign Ministry Spokesperson)
December 4, 2000

On December 3, 2000, Israel and India held a fifth meeting of diplomatic dialogue in Jerusalem between their respective Foreign Ministry representatives, within the framework of an agreement between the two countries. The Indian delegation was headed by the Director General for the East, K.V. Rajan, and the Israeli delegation was headed by the Deputy Director General for the Asian Department, Zvi Gabay.

The talks took place in a friendly atmosphere, and they covered regional and bilateral issues. The Director General of the Foreign Ministry, Alon Liel, updated the Indian delegation with regard to the state of relations between Israel and the Palestinians. The Indian delegation also met for a discussion with the Minister for Regional Development, Shimon Peres.

Since the establishment of diplomatic relations between Israel and India in January 1992, relations between the two countries have been enhanced in a wide variety of spheres (trade, agriculture, economic cooperation and cultural exchanges). The volume of trade between the two countries in 1999 stood at $1 billion.