Jerusalem, 16 March 2000

Israel’s Foreign Trade Jan.-Feb. 2000

(Communicated by Central Bureau of Statistics)

The Central Bureau of Statistics released today (Thursday) 16.3.2000, released foreign trade data for January and February 2000.

Israel’s total trade deficit in goods amounted to $1.1 billion during this period, 95% of which was with trade with the European Union, partly offset by a trade surplus with the United States.

Israel had a trade surplus in diamonds for the period of $500 million. The majority of imports came from Britain, Belgium and Switzerland; the majority of exports went to the United States and Asian countries.

Foreign trade deficit excluding diamonds in January and February was $1.6 billion. The deficit with the EU was $700 million, 10% higher than the comparable period in 1999. Imports from the EU was 3.7% than exports. The trade deficit with the United States (excluding diamonds) was $365 million. Imports from the United States grew by $230 million, while exports grew by $105 million compared to the same period last year. Exports to Asian countries (excluding diamonds) amounted to $87 million and imports amounted to $104 million.