Jerusalem, 17 February 2000

Israel’s Foreign Trade Statistics for January

(Communicated by Central Bureau of Statistics Spokesman)

The Central Bureau of Statistics today (Thursday), 17.2.2000, has released figures on Israel’s foreign trade for January 2000. Excluding diamonds and trade with the Palestinian Authority, trade in January was relatively low due to the strike in the ports in the second half of the month.

Total imports, excluding diamonds, was $2.05 billion, of which 39% came from the European Union, 26% from the United States, 14% from Asia and 21% from all other sources.

Total exports, excluding diamonds, amounted to $1.4 billion, with 36% going to the European Union, 26% to the United States, 13% to Asia and the rest to all other countries.

Total diamond imports were $520 million, $165 million greater than in January 1998. 57% of diamond imports came from Britain and Belgium and 17% from Switzerland. Total diamond exports in January were $807 million, $255 million greater than January 1998. 54% of diamond exports went to the United States, 25% to Asian countries, 17% to EFTA countries and 4% to all other countries.