Jerusalem, 28 September 2000

Israel’s Population on Eve of Rosh Hashanah – 6.3 Million
(Communicated by the Central Bureau of Statistics Spokesman)

On the eve of Rosh Hashanah, the population of the State of Israel stands at 6.3 million, of whom 82% (5.15 million) are Jews and others and 18% (1.15 million) are Arabs.

Included in the grouping "Jews and others" are 4.95 million people registered as Jews in the population registry (78.57% of the country’s total population) and approximately 200,000 non-Jewish new immigrants and their family members (of whom 180,000 are not classified vis-a-vis religion; the remaining 20,000 are classified as Christians).

In the past year, the country’s population grew by 165,000, or 2.5%, slightly lower than in the previous year. Net immigration constituted 34% of this figure, as opposed to 36% in the previous year. 73,000 immigrants arrived in Israel during the past year, as opposed to 63,000 the previous year. Almost 90% of these came from the former USSR as a whole, with 36% coming from the Russian Federation alone.