Israeli Jurist appointed President of UN Administrative Tribunal

(Communicated by the Foreign Ministry Spokesperson)
November 15, 2000

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs welcomes the appointment of Dr. Meir Gabai as the President of the UN Administrative Tribunal. Dr. Gabai has been serving as a member of the Tribunal since 1994, and served as Deputy President from 1997. On three occasions in the past, he was chosen to serve as a judge on the Tribunal. Dr. Gabai will serve as President until 2002. The Tribunal constitutes the highest judicial instance on internal administrative affairs of the UN, including matters such as the employment of UN staff.

The selection of Dr. Meir Gabai as President of the UN Administrative Tribunal marks the first time that an Israeli has been appointed to a very senior position within the UN, attesting to the professional abilities of Dr. Gabai as well as constituting an achievement for the legal system in Israel.

Dr. Gabai has also served as Director General of the Ministry of Justice and as the Civil Service Commissioner. In the past, he has played an active role in the various UN institutions and as a representative of Israeli delegations to the UN. In addition, he is considered a world renowned expert in the areas of administrative and economic law in the international sphere.