Jerusalem, 11 April 2000

Israeli Responses to Holocaust Denial Suit

Response by Minister Melchior to Libel Suit Verdict
(Communicated by Minister for Israeli Societies and World Jewish Communities Spokesman)

Minister for Israeli Society and World Jewish Communities Rabbi Michael Melchior today (Tuesday) 11 April 2000 expressed his satisfaction at the court ruling in London in favor of Professor Deborah Lipstadt in the libel suit brought against her by British historian David Irving.

The Minister said, "Today’s ruling by the court delivers a message to the entire world that the fact of the Holocaust is not an historical or philosophical debate, and that the place of Holocaust deniers is alongside the worst of the nazis themselves. Holocaust deniers like David Irving and public figures use pseudo-scientific manipulation to prepare the ground for new crimes against humanity. Therefore, this ruling should be taught in education systems across the world."

Minister Melchior praised Professor Lipstadt on behalf of the government of Israel for her moral and ethical stand throughout the trial, noting that Professor Lipstadt is a model of Jewish perseverance. He added that Professor Lipstadt will be invited to speak to the government forum to coordinate the struggle against anti-Semitism.

Knesset Speaker Burg’s Response to Lipstadt Verdict
(Communicated by Knesset Spokesman)

Knesset Speaker MK Avraham Burg, who also serves as chairman of the World Jewish Restitution Organization, today (Tuesday) 11.4.2000, responded to the ruling in the libel suit brought by Holocaust denier British historian David Irving against Professor Deborah Lipstadt:

Holocaust deniers of today’s generation are as bad as the generation who perpetrated the Holocaust itself. The Nazis sought to exterminate the Jewish people. Today, Holocaust deniers like David Irving want to destroy the memory of the victims and to deny the crimes of the murderers. David Irving is the front for covert Nazi supporters and this ruling that cuts off this ideological source is to be welcomed.