Meeting of FM Levy with British Foreign Office Minister of State

(Communicated by Foreign Ministry Spokesman)
March 29, 2000

In a meeting between Minister of Foreign Affairs David Levy and British Foreign Office Minister of State, Peter Hain, they discussed the good bilateral relations between the two countries and the enhancement of economic ties.

The British Minister of State said that the British Government intends to send Michael Levy to Damascus in the coming month, in order to receive an update on the prevailing attitudes there.

During the meeting, Minister Levy provided the British Minister with an update on the Syrian and Palestinian tracks of the peace process, and the expected withdrawal from Lebanon.

Minister Levy said that Israel intends to withdraw to the international border on the date which had been set. Regarding the negotiations with Syria, Levy stated that "President Assad has not internalized the perception of comprehensive peace as we understand it: security arrangements, demilitarization, limitations on armed forces, resolution of water issues, open borders and the exchange of ambassadors. President Assad has not provided the answers we expected from him in regard to the important questions. The optimistic assessments and reports were unjustified in light of the outcome of the Clinton-Assad meeting."