Meeting of FM Levy with Chinese President Jiang Zemin

(Communicated by Foreign Ministry Spokesman)
April 13, 2000

In a meeting which took place today (April 13) between Foreign Minister David Levy and Chinese President Jiang Zemin, it was decided to establish a committee for the promotion and advancement of economic ties and joint projects, in light of the great potential which exists for cooperation between the two states in the spheres of water, hi-tech, agriculture and education.

Foreign Minister Levy expressed Israel’s readiness to participate in the Western China Development Program – an issue which President Zemin referred to as a top priority for China. Minister Levy stated that Israel has acquired considerable know-how in the realm of agriculture in arid regions and, especially, with regard to the development of water resources.

Foreign Minister Levy noted that although his commitment to China is a national one, it is also a particularly personal one, because, in 1992, he had signed on Israel’s behalf the agreement establishing diplomatic relations between the two states. He added that he would do his utmost to promote joint projects, stating that "it is my wish to see these ties — which are based on mutual trust, respect and common interests — realize their full potential".

During his meeting with Foreign Minister, President Zemin recalled their previous meetings. President Zemin noted that Levy had "paved the way for Israel-China relations" and that his "contribution was of the utmost importance".