Meeting of FM Levy with the Ambassador of Bulgaria

(Communicated by Foreign Ministry Spokesman)
March 29, 2000

"It is possible that Syrian actions are a tactic to force Israel’s hand", stated Foreign Minister Levy during his meeting with the new Ambassador of Bulgaria, Vassilev Yablanski. Levy continued, "We will wait patiently in the hope that wisdom will prevail there."

"The negotiations will have been a farce if we had to accept the ultimate demands of the Syrians. The results of the American effort prove that the Syrian President has not changed his completely different perception of the peace process, and we have no alternative but to determine with regret that Syria has not internalized the concept of peace as we understand it – open borders, an exchange of ambassadors, resolution of water issues, demilitarization and limitations on armed forces. Israel will not endanger its security under any circumstances."