Meeting of FM Levy with the Foreign Minister of El Salvador
"The Embassy of El Salvador will remain in Jerusalem forever"

(Communicated by Foreign Ministry Spokesman)
April 4, 2000

Yesterday, April 3, Foreign Minister David Levy hosted a lunch in honor of the Foreign Minister of El Salvador, Maria Eugenia de Avila, who is visiting Israel. The guest, noting the deeply rooted friendly relations between El Salvador and Israel, emphasized the fact of the location of her country’s embassy in Jerusalem. Ms. de Avila also noted that particularly now, at the height of the peace process and with the progress made, her government believes that the location of their embassy in Jerusalem is important, and it will remain in Jerusalem in the future.

Minister Levy stated that Israel appreciates El Salvador’s decision to maintain its embassy in Jerusalem, the eternal capital of the Israeli people.

Levy emphasized the long-standing friendship of the El Salvador government and people towards Israel, and the assistance extended towards the Jews who fled the Nazi brutality in Europe during the Holocaust and found refuge in El Salvador. "We are grateful to you, and we will never forget your actions."

Foreign Minister Levy reviewed the situation in southern Lebanon, and said that Israel seeks to withdraw from Lebanon while ensuring the security of the northern border and safeguarding the welfare of Israeli citizens living along the border, while Syria is trying to dictate conditions to us.

The two ministers also discussed the enhancement of the economic ties between the two countries, through a joint chamber of commerce which will soon be established, and with the assistance of some 250 El Salvador citizens who have studied in Israel or participated in training courses carried out by the Israel Foreign Ministry in El Salvador.

At the beginning of the meeting, the two ministers signed an investment protection agreement and a bilateral cultural agreement.

Foreign Minister de Avila invited Minister Levy to visit El Salvador. Levy accepted the invitation. A date will be arranged between the respective foreign ministries following the visit of the President of El Salvador to Israel in June of this year.