Message Sent by Foreign Ministry Director General Following Non-Aligned Movement Ministerial Conference

(Communicated by Foreign Ministry Spokesman)
April 24, 2000

As a result of the decisions adopted by the Non-Aligned Movement Ministerial Conference in Cartagena, Columbia regarding the Middle East peace process which are harmful to the principle of direct negotiations, the Director General of the Foreign Ministry, Mr. Eytan Bentsur, sent (April 19) a message to his colleagues in non-aligned movement member states.

In his message, Director General Bentsur expressed Israel’s disappointment at the adoption of decisions by the non-aligned conference which are harmful to the peace process and to the efforts to build up relations of trust between the parties. Israel is in the middle of a delicate and complicated process which needs support and encouragement, and at whose foundation lies the principle of direct negotiations between the sides. The conference’s decisions are harmful to the negotiations between Israel and its neighbors, and to the principles of these negotiations.

Diplomatic representatives of Israel in non-aligned movement member states have been instructed to send the message to director generals of foreign ministries in their respective countries.