Jerusalem, 31 January 2000

Minister Melchior Denounces Teshreen Article

(Communicated by the Social and Diaspora Affairs Minister Spokesman)

Minister for Social and Diaspora Affairs Rabbi Michael Melchior today (Monday), 31.1.2000, expressed his revulsion over an article in the Syrian newspaper Teshreen, and stated that, "It is not possible to show restraint over these unbridled statements which deny the Holocaust and compare Israel to the Nazis."

Minister Melchior, who also chairs the Forum for Coordinating the Struggle Against Anti-Semitism, added that "The Syrians know no bounds in anti-Israel incitement, both morally and diplomatically; this makes continued dialogue with them more difficult."

Minister Melchior called on Syria’s leaders to distance themselves from the Teshreen article and to change their style, which only makes peace and normalization between Israel and Syria more difficult.