Minister Melchior’s Comments on Eve of Holocaust Conference
(Communicated by Ministry of Social and Diaspora Affairs Spokesman)

Jerusalem, January 25, 2000

Minister for Social and Diaspora Affairs Michael Melchior yesterday (Monday) 24.1.2000, on the eve of his departure for the Stockholm International Forum on the Holocaust: Conference on Education, Remembrance and Research, said that it is necessary to develop joint projects in education in order to learn the lessons of the Holocaust. Hatred and anti-Semitism know no boundaries and European countries, too, must unite and develop joint projected to fight racism and anti-Semitism. The Minister will leave today, 25.1.2000, for Denmark and then proceed to Stockholm, Sweden for the conference.

The eve of a new century is witnessing a reawakening of ethic identities precisely because of globalization. Today, more than ever, we must learn and teach the lessons of the Holocaust and lead the fight against xenophobia. Minister Melchior plans to recommend that Forum member countries prepare a joint master plan in education in order to impart the lessons of the Holocaust.