New Arab Ambassador in Israel

(Communicated by Foreign Ministry Spokesman)
January 25, 2000

Today (25 Jan. 2000), a ceremony was held at the President’s Residence, in which five new ambassadors presented their letters of credential to Israeli President Ezer Weizman.

Among the new envoys was the Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Mauritania, Ahmed Ould Teguedi. Mauritania is the third member state of the Arab League to post an ambassador in Israel.

Also presenting their letters of credential to President Weizman were the Ambassador of the United States, Martin Indyk (who is returning for a second term of duty as ambassador in Israel), the Ambassador of France Jacques Huntzinger, the Ambassador of Latvia Janis Lovniks, and the Ambassador of Burundi Jean Bosco Daradangwa (who is a non-resident ambassador stationed in Cairo).