One Millionth Visitor to Foreign Ministry Internet Website apparently from Lebanon

(Communicated by Foreign Ministry Spokesman)
April 12, 2000

Yesterday (11/4), the millionth visitor entered the Internet website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs since the establishment of the present site in August 1998.

The site (, which is Israel’s "embassy in cyberspace", has a enormous data base with more than 14,000 documents, pictures and video clips. The website is updated several times a day and follows political and other developments in Israel, presenting them to a worldwide audience in different languages.

The Foreign Ministry website is visited by surfers from all over the globe, including hundreds of visitors per week from countries with which Israel has no diplomatic relations. (For example, in the past week, there have been 128 visitors from Lebanon, 108 from the U.A.E., 105 from Malaysia, 56 from Saudi Arabia, 6 from Pakistan and 1 from Kuwait.)

In 1993, The Foreign Ministry of Israel was the first foreign ministry in the world to get on the "information highway". The present technologically advance site is considered by experts to be a most professional and progressive website and has received the highest possible marks in Israel and the world. While the millionth visitor cannot be specifically pinpointed, it is quite possible that they were from Lebanon as that day an unusually high number of surfers came from that country. The increase in visits from Lebanon has apparently been caused by the intensive international activity of the Foreign Ministry in the subject of Lebanon, a matter presently at the center of the political and public agenda of the government of Israel.