Order of the Day-Memorial Day 2000


Order of the Day Issued by
The Chief of the IDF General Staff
on the Occasion of Memorial Day,
9 May 2000

Soldiers and Officers of the Israel Defense Forces,

On this Memorial Day for fallen soldiers of the Israel Defense Forces, we stand united with all citizens of Israel in paying tribute to the memory of those who fell in the long and painful struggle for the realization of our independence and the strengthening of security in the State of Israel.

We remember today the fighters on the ground, on the sea and in the air, from all denominations, beliefs and religions, long established Israelis and new immigrants, the reserve component and the soldiers in regular service – the best of Israel’s sons and daughters are missing from among our ranks.

In the 52 years of the State of Israel’s existence, sorrow and joy are intermingled. The sorrow over the fallen sons, those who did not live to witness the realization of their struggle and the fulfillment of the dream, side by side with the joy at building the country and establishing the Israeli people in their homeland.

We shall all remember whose who fell in the line of duty: in military operations, in training, in accidents and from terrorism. We will embrace the bereaved famlies with whom we share the grief over their heavy loss. We vow to remember the fallen soldiers eternally. We shall strive relentless to locate the fallen solderis whose place of burial is unknown and bring them to final rest.

The struggle over our right to live in peace and security in the State of Israel has not yet ended. This year we also lost comrades-in-arms on the path to secure peace and security in our country. We will strive timelessly to achieve peace and security in line with the injunction bequeathed to us by the fallen.

IDF soldiers and officers, the IDF salutes its fallen, and bows its head in reverent memory. We extent a comforting hand to the bereaved families. We all share a prayer that peace will be upon us soon in our country.

Lieutenant-General Shaul Mofaz
Chief of the Israel Defense Forces General Staff