Jerusalem, 10 December 2000

PM Barak Announces Intention to Resign

(Communicated by the Prime Minister’s Media Adviser)

Prime Minister Barak made the following remarks at the weekly Cabinet meeting today (Sunday), December 10, 2000:

"As I told the public last night, I intend to inform President Moshe Katsav of my resignation as prime minister, and to appeal to the nation for a renewed mandate. To this end, I am acting in accordance with article 23(a) of Basic Law: The Government and am informing you, members of the government, of my intention to resign as prime minister and submit a letter to this effect to the president following this meeting.

According to the law, my resignation will enter into effect 48 hours after I will have submitted my letter of resignation to the president. According to article 23(c) of Basic Law: The Government, a special election will be held within 60 days unless the Knesset decides to dissolve itself.

I will also announce my resignation to the Knesset Speaker as required by article 23(b) of Basic Law: The Government."

 PM Barak Announces Intention to Resign-10-Dec-2000
 PM Barak Announces Intention to Resign-10-Dec-2000
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