Excerpts from Remarks by
Prime Minister Ehud Barak after the Conclusion of the Sharm el-Sheikh Summit
Sharm el-Sheikh Airport, October 17, 2000

We have achieved our goals at this summit, and we thank the President of the United States for his efforts to convene the summit at Sharm el-Sheikh. The goals are: first, a concerted effort to end the violence of recent days. Second, the prevention of the establishment of an international commission of inquiry, focusing rather on an examination of the facts using the formula that we agreed upon in Paris. Of course, these two matters will be put to the test, in their implementation on the ground, and we will judge the entire situation on the basis of this implementation.

The test will be in the implementation, and not in gestures. I advise all of us to pay less attention to gestures, and to focus on the reality. There is a whole list of detailed understandings regarding actions to be taken on the path to the calming of the situation. If the Palestinian side will comply with the understandings, we will do our share, and calm is indeed restored, this will be a very important change. The test, once again, is in the implementation of these understandings…

We are talking about a major change in reality that has to come about. We are concerned for the State of Israel. If the situation continues, and we see that we have no partner, then we will know what action to take, as in any other situation. The events which we have experienced in the last two weeks have left an imprint on our memories, and we will proceed cautiously. I believe that the Americans have also made their position clear. In the next two weeks, they intend to examine whether and upon what basis it will be possible to resume the contacts…

We have a test before us. The outcome will be influenced by every comment and guess that we make, and not necessarily for the better. There are understandings, the President made a declaration, there is American involvement in the monitoring of these matters. It is crucial for the State of Israel and its citizens that the violence come to an end, if this is possible…

The issues of the collection of illegal weapons and the rearrest and imprisonment of Palestinian terrorists are part of existing agreements, which we expect to see implemented. I do not want to list every detail of the trilateral Israeli-Palestinian-American security understandings. We will all wait and see. If this leads to a reduction in the violence, then we have a great achievement. If the reduction in violence does not come about, then Israel will have made a ncessary effort to find a way to reduce the violence – and I say this in sorrow. We will know what action to take in any situation.

 PM Barak at Conclusion of Sharm el-Sheikh Summit-17-Oct-2000
 PM Barak at Conclusion of Sharm el-Sheikh Summit-17-Oct-2000
Outbreak of Violence in Jerusalem and the Territories – Sept/Oct 2000