Jerusalem, 28 May 2000

PM Barak Briefs Cabinet on Lebanon Pullout
(Communicated by the Prime Minister’s Media Adviser)

Prime Minister Ehud Barak, at the weekly Cabinet meeting today (Sunday), 28.5.2000, gave a briefing on the situation in the north following the IDF’s withdrawal from Lebanon and noted that the border has been quiet so far. He informed the Cabinet that the United Nations has begun demarcating the border and that Lebanese police have been sent to the most sensitive areas of southern Lebanon.

In light of the delicate and fragile conditions in the area, every day that passes quietly contributes to the chances of stabilizing the situation. Israel is ready for any possibility and the IDF has clear orders to open fire only in instances of self-defense or rescue. The IDF will not open fire under any other circumstances in order to increase the chances for quiet and stability.

Regarding the Shabaa Farms outpost on Har Dov, Prime Minister Barak stated that UN and Israeli maps show that 90% of the area is not part of Lebanon, and therefore will not be evacuated. The small area in which two minor outposts were located were evacuated; thus, the IDF has completely withdrawn to the international border in accordance with United Nations Security Council Resolution 425.

 PM Barak Briefs Cabinet on Lebanon Pullout-28-May-2000
 PM Barak Briefs Cabinet on Lebanon Pullout-28-May-2000
The Israeli Withdrawal from Southern Lebanon: Special Update