PM Barak Decides on Steps to Speed Up Negotiations with Palestinians
(Communicated by Prime Minister’s Media Advisor)

Jerusalem, January 25, 2000

Prime Minister Ehud Barak decided yesterday (Monday) 24.1.2000 to hold a series of meetings at various levels with Palestinian teams in order to speed up the negotiations with them. The American administration has been briefed on this decision.

At an internal meeting, the Prime Minister said that he is determined to make progress on the Palestinian track alongside the Syrian track without giving preference to either. The objective is to reach peace agreements – if possible – on both tracks.

In addition, the Prime Minister is considering cancelling his trip to Davos in light of the fact that President Clinton will spend only a few hours there on Saturday, 29.1.2000, which will prevent an opportunity to meet him or hold a tripartite summit. Consequently the political importance of the visit has been reduced, and the Prime Minister may decide to remain in Israel to deal with current issues on the agenda.