Jerusalem, 3 October 2000

PM Barak Meets with Arab MKs and Local Council Heads
(Communicated by the Prime Minister’s Media Adviser)

Prime Minister Ehud Barak today (Tuesday), 3.10.2000, following a 3.5-hour discussion with Ministers Ben-Ami, Ben-Eliezer, Beilin, Cohen and Vilnai, Deputy Minister Massalha, Arab MKs and heads of Arab local councils, said that the government is determined to make every effort to achieve peace, equality and partnership.

Prime Minister Barak noted that the operational staff he has established, headed by Minister Matan Vilnai, will deal with current issues on the agenda. At the same time, the government will work to implement a five-year-plan which it has already prepared to advance the Arab sector.

Prime Minister Barak announced that he has directed the police to act with maximum restraint in order to prevent casualties. He also called on the Arab public not to violate the law or attack its representatives, even during moments of emotion and pain.

Prime Minister Barak said that hoped that it will be possible to open all roads within 24 hours and added that the use of live weapons is forbidden unless there is a clear and immediate danger to life.

Prime Minister Barak proposed that the leaders of Jewish and Arab local councils open a friendly dialogue among themselves and with government ministries.

Prime Minister Barak also announced that he has decided to establish a team headed by an independent person to investigate and clarify recent events in a credible, responsible and direct fashion.

 PM Barak Meets with Arab MKs and Local Council Heads -03-Oct-2000
 PM Barak Meets with Arab MKs and Local Council Heads -03-Oct-2000
Outbreak of Violence in Jerusalem and the Territories – Sept/Oct 2000