Jerusalem, 27 November 2000

PM Barak Meets with Families of Abducted Soldiers

(Communicated by the Prime Minister’s Media Adviser)

Prime Minister and Defense Minister Ehud Barak met this evening (Monday), November 27, 2000, with the families of the kidnapped soldiers in Lebanon. Nava Barak also attended the meeting.

Prime Minister Barak stressed that continuous efforts are being made to obtain any information regarding the status and condition of the soldiers, and to bring them home. The Prime Minister stated that the matter of the kidnapped soldiers is raised at every meeting with world leaders, and that Israel is working on several channels in an attempt to gain any piece of information regarding their fate.

Prime Minister Barak encouraged the families to speak out at every opportunity and anywhere they could, in order to influence international opinion and decision-makers around the world. The families noted that 52 days have already passed since the kidnapping, and requested the stepping up of any effort that could produce results.

Prime Minister Barak and the families agreed to remain in contact with each other.

 PM Barak Meets with Families of Abducted Soldiers-27-Nov-2000
 PM Barak Meets with Families of Abducted Soldiers-27-Nov-2000
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