8 February 2000

PM Barak Orders IDF to Strike at Terrorist and Lebanese Infrastructure Targets

(Communicated by the Defense Ministers Media Advisor)

Prime Minister and Defense Minister Ehud Barak yesterday evening (Monday), 7.2.2000, ordered the IDF to act, in accordance with the decisions of the Political-Security Cabinet, against terrorist and Lebanese infrastructure targets.

The Political-Security Cabinet’s decisions are in response to the serious escalation in Hizballah operations against the IDF and SLA, operations which are based in Lebanese villages – a gross violation of the "Grapes of Wrath" understandings. These operations are being neither prevented by the Lebanese government nor restrained by Syria.

The Government of Israel will act determinedly to protect the lives and safety of the residents of the north and will carry out all necessary operations to strike at both those who carry out the attacks and those who order them.

Prime Minister and Defense Minister Barak praised both IDF and SLA soldiers for their struggle to protect the north, and the northern area residents for their resilience in this difficult hour.