Message from the Prime Minister of the State of Israel Mr. Ehud Barak
to the Jewish Communities of the Diaspora
on the Occasion of Israel’s 52nd Independence Day
Yom Ha’atzmaut – May 2000

Dear Friends,

It is with tremendous pride and a great deal of optimism that we celebrate the 52nd anniversary of the independence of the State of Israel. We are on the cusp of an exciting period in the history of our country.

We continue to travel the difficult road to peace with vigor and determination. Our finest security experts and negotiators are dedicating a great deal of time to this task. We are hopeful that our neighbors will join us in taking the courageous decisions necessary to bring real and secure peace to our people and to the region.

With the ingathering of so many new immigrants, we are rapidly integrating not only wonderful gifts of culture and diversity, but also the human resources of intelligence and creativity that are benefiting our society in many ways. We are excelling in the field of research and development in medicine and science; we are on the cutting edge of high-technology; and, we are revitalizing artistic expression.

Today, as has been true since the founding of the State, we remain committed to the close partnership and common agenda that we share with Jewish communities around the world. We are playing an active role in Jewish education and renaissance in those places where Jewish life was threatened. We encourage through innovative programs more and more Jewish youth coming to Israel to cement their connection to the Jewish homeland and to their own Jewish identity.

We know that together, in Israel’s 52nd year, we will meet the challenges that face us as a community and as a state. It is for us to provide our children with a better, secure and more prosperous future. Let us pass the torch of Jewish responsibility and love for Zion with an enthusiasm that reflects the beauty of our tradition, and the tremendous promise that Israel at peace and a strong Jewish people can bring.

Shalom and Chag Sameach.

 PM Barak-s Independence Day Message to Jewish Communities Abroad 5760-2000
 PM Barak-s Independence Day Message to Jewish Communities Abroad 5760-2000
Israel Independence Day 2000