Turkish Under-Secretary of Foreign Affairs to Visit Israel

(Communicated by Foreign Ministry Spokesman)
July 2, 2000

The Under-Secretary of Foreign Affairs of Turkey, Faruk Osman Logoglu, is visiting Israel (2-4 July) at the head of a delegation of senior officials from the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Diplomatic meetings with the delegation will be held at the Foreign Ministry in Jerusalem, hosted by the Director General of the Ministry, Mr. Eytan Bentsur.

Subjects to be discussed will include bilateral economic and political issues, as well as regional and international matters. The delegation will also meet with the Deputy Foreign Minister, Mr. Nawaf Massalha.

It should be noted that in the past year, relations between Israel and Turkey have become closer and have even been upgraded.

Following are a few examples of improvement in the relations:

– In 1999, mutual trade between the two states stood at 891 million USD. With the addition of investments, mutual enterprises and tourism, the scope of trade reached 1.3 billion USD. In 2000, an increase in the volume of trade is expected.

– Seven Turkish ministers have recently visited Israel, as did many delegations, including one from the Foreign Relations and Defence Committee of the Turkish Parliament, which arrived in mid-June.

– Recently, Minister of Tourism Amnon Lipkin-Shakak traveled to Turkey, where he signed – together with his Turkish colleague – a joint protocol of cooperation in the field of tourism.

– Last week, an inter-ministerial delegation, which examined the subject of importing water from Turkey to Israel, returned from Turkey.