Jerusalem, 10 August 2001

Briefing following Israeli Cabinet Meeting
(Communicated by the Cabinet Secretariat)

Following tonight’s Cabinet decision, the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) and the Israeli Police carried out a number of military and administrative activities whose purpose was to deter the terrorist elements and to push the Palestinian Authority into fulfilling its duty and acting to stop the violence. Israel has acted according to the basic rules of self-defense, and is not willing to see its hands tied in the face of the terrorist threats.

Israel demands that the Palestinian Authority fulfill its commitments to stop and prevent the terrorism. To Israel’s sorrow, the PA has not fulfilled this mission. Moreover, elements under the PA’s direct authority are involved in terrorist activities.

Israel had given the Palestinian Authority the names of the terrorists involved in the recent terrorist attacks, including the horrendous attack in Jerusalem. The PA took no action to stop the terrorists. Israel invoked its right to protect the well being of its citizens, and will continue to do so as long as the PA does not fulfill its duty.

It is clear now to all how vital the preventive interceptions are. This line of activity has saved the lives of many and if it had been successfully carried out yesterday, the terrible disaster in Jerusalem would have been prevented.

Israel expects the international community to clarify, more adamantly, to the PA that without an end to terrorism, violence and incitement, it will be impossible to implement the Mitchell plan nor will the renewal of the peace negotiations be possible. Israel will not negotiate under fire.

Israel is interested in seeing the Mitchell plan started up, however this step is possible only if the fight against terrorism will be successfully carried out, without any compromises.

 Briefing following Israeli Cabinet Meeting-10-Aug-2001
 Briefing following Israeli Cabinet Meeting-10-Aug-2001
IDF forces take control of Governors House Compound in Abu Dis – Aug 10, 2001