Jerusalem, 10 June 2001

Cabinet Communique
(Communicated by the Cabinet Secretariat)

The Cabinet, at its weekly meeting today (Sunday), 10.6.2001: 1. Prime Minister Ariel Sharon stated that the terrorism and violence are continuing. He noted that he still does not see actions or serious efforts on the part of the PA to stop the terrorism. Neither has he seen the arrests required by this framework. The Prime Minister noted that there are reports of preparations for further terrorist attacks in Israel.

Prime Minister Sharon further said that Israel’s demands are unequivocal: Before any diplomatic moves can take place, all terrorism, violence and incitement must stop. In addition, Israel insists that there will be no progression from stage to stage without full implementation of the preceding stage. Israel has made this clear to all relevant parties. Israel opposes any change in the outline of the Mitchell report. The Prime Minister stated: We all have a commitment to peace, we all want peace, but there will be no progress as long as the terrorism continues, and in the meantime, the terrorism is continuing.

2. The Cabinet approved the following appointments: Former ISA Director Carmi Gillon as Ambassador to Denmark, Ambassador to Cameroon Yoram Elron as Non-Resident Ambassador to Congo-Brazzaville, and Ambassador to Mexico Yosef Amihud as Non-Resident Ambassador to the Bahamas.

3. The Cabinet appointed Avigdor Yitzhaki as Director-General of the prime Minister’s Office. Yitzhaki, 52, is a graduate of Tel-Aviv University where he studied economics and accounting. A colonel in the IDF reserves, Yitzhaki currently serves as Director of the Small and Medium Business Authority.

4. The Cabinet approved Construction and Housing Minister Natan Sharansky’s proposal to appoint a team to consider – and make recommendations regarding the approval and supervision of – new construction methods. The team will submit its report within two months.

5. The Cabinet discussed the funding of Channel 33. Further discussion of the issue will take place in the context of an expanded discussion on public broadcasting in Israel.