Jerusalem, 12 August 2001

Cabinet Communique
(Communicated by the Cabinet Secretariat)

At the weekly Cabinet meeting today (Sunday), 12.8.2001:

1. Chief-of-Staff Lt.-Gen. Shaul Mofaz briefed the Cabinet on ongoing security matters and pointed out that there has been no change in the Palestinian Authority’s strategy of using escalating terrorism and violence against Israel with the goal of internationalizing the conflict.

Chief-of-Staff Mofaz said that since the end of September 2000, Palestinian terrorist elements have perpetrated 6,600 terrorist attacks against Israel and Israelis.

Chief-of-Staff Mofaz briefed the Cabinet on the operation by the IDF, and other security forces, Thursday night at Orient House and in closing other PLO offices in Jerusalem and Abu Dis. Prime Minister Ariel Sharon thanked the IDF and the Israel Police on behalf of the government, and requested that the government’s gratitude be conveyed to those who participated in the action.

2. The Cabinet held a diplomatic-security discussion in which most attending ministers participated. Prime Minister Ariel Sharon summarized the discussion as follows:

* The Friday morning actions by the IDF and the Israel Police in Jerusalem and Abu Dis – in accordance with a security cabinet decision – were designed to halt Palestinian Authority activity in Jerusalem. This decision regarding Palestinian Authority offices in Jerusalem and Palestinian security services’ offices in Abu Dis was made by the security cabinet following the June 1, 2001 suicide bombing at the Tel Aviv Dolphinarium but its implementation had been delayed for various reasons.

* Prime Minister Sharon noted that the PLO had – in various diplomatic agreements – committed itself to restricting PA activities to the areas that had been handed over to its control. Activities of a diplomatic or administrative character – by a foreign entity – inside the State of Israel, without its consent, constitute an infringement on the sovereignty of the State of Israel. It also contradicts the law – which had been legislated by the government of the late Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin – on implementing the interim agreement on the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.

* In the framework of PA activities in Jerusalem, severe offenses were carried out: Detentions, seizure of property, abductions, torture, murder, etc. From Abu Dis, which is Area B, various Palestinian "security" organizations operated – in contravention of the agreements – and carried out illegal activities which continuously gnawed away at our sovereignty in Israel’s capital. In the places that the security forces took control of Friday morning, weapons, explosive material and bombs were found. This period has ended; what was, will not recur.

* Terrorism and incitement will not be allowed to return to Jerusalem and the PA will not be allowed to gnaw away at our sovereignty in Jerusalem unhindered. Wherever and whenever we will have to take measures to prevent this, we will not hesitate, according to circumstances.

* Prime Minister Sharon emphasized that the Israel Police will open an additional station in eastern Jerusalem tomorrow.

* Regarding Palestinian violence, Prime Minister Sharon said that the PA has committed itself – in existing agreements – to act against terrorism including by outlawing terrorist organizations operating in its areas.

3. The Cabinet approved Tourism Minister Rechavam Zeevi’s proposal to appoint Mira Altman as Tourism Ministry Director-General.

4. The Cabinet approved Transportation Minister Ephraim Sneh’s proposal to appoint Yitzhak Eshel as Director of the Transportation Ministry National Road Safety Authority.

5. Attorney-General Elyakim Rubinstein briefed the Cabinet on the issue of the fair representation of women, minorities and the handicapped in the civil service.

 Cabinet Communique-12-Aug-2001
 Cabinet Communique-12-Aug-2001
IDF forces take control of Governors House Compound in Abu Dis – Aug 10, 2001