Jerusalem, July 1, 2001

Cabinet: Syria suporting criminal Hizbullah activities
(Communicated by the Cabinet Secretariat)

Israel is in full compliance with United Nations Security Council Rsolution #425, and is deployed along the border determined by the UN. Despite this, Israel has been subject to recurrent criminal attacks across its northern border. Two IDF soldiers were wounded in the last of these attacks, which occurred Friday, June 29, 2001.

The government of Israel has determined that these criminal activities of Hizbullah’s are being carried out with the full knowledge and sponsorship of Syria, whose army is present in Lebanon. Syria’s position has prevented – and continues to prevent – the deployment of the Lebanese army on the border with Israel according to the UN resolution. Syria enables the accelerated arming of Hizbullah in Lebanon. The foreign ministers of both Syria and Lebanon have published statements justifying this unprovoked aggression in contravention of the UN resolution.

The government of Israel announces an IAF attack on a Syrian radar position in Lebanon.

Israel wishes to maintain peaceful and neighborly relations with Lebanon. Israel calls on the government of Lebanon to deploy its army along the border with Israel and calls on the governments of Syria and Lebanon to respect and implement United Nations Security Council Resolution #425.

 Cabinet- Syria suporting criminal Hizbullah activities-1-Jul-2001
 Cabinet- Syria suporting criminal Hizbullah activities-1-Jul-2001
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 Cabinet- Syria suporting criminal Hizbullah activities-1-Jul-2001
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 Cabinet- Syria suporting criminal Hizbullah activities-1-Jul-2001
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