Jerusalem, 12 September 2001

Chief Rabbi Bakshi-Doron calls on Islamic clerics to rescind suicide-bombing fatwa and call for the preservation of the sanctity of life
(Communicated by the Chief Rabinate’s Spokesman)

Sephardi Chief Rabbi Eliyahu Bakshi-Doron today (Wednesday), September 12, 2001, called on the Islamic clerics who had published a fatwa ordering suicide-bombings and declaring the bombers ‘shahid‘ – martyrs – to rescind the terrible order and to call on the world to preserve the sanctity of of life, and to forbid large-scale attacks on innocent civilians.

Whoever calls a suicide bomber a martyr is an accessory to the horrible crime, because that is the spiritual infrastructure for the perpetrators of these crimes. The fatwa encourages suicide bombings, and the cries of joy among the Muslim youth in various places proves this.

I call on the leaders of the Arab world who are condemning this terrible tragedy to call on religious leaders to immediately cancel the definition of a suicide bomber as a martyr and forbid all large-scale attacks.

We all pray to the Creator of the universe to bring peace amongst us and bestow only good tidings upon us.