Jerusalem, 29 November 2001

Christmas and New Year greeting card service via Nazareth
(Communicated by the Postal Authority Spokesman)

The Postal Authority is pleased to offer a special service for sending greeting cards for Christmas and the civil new year from the Holy Land, via the city of Nazareth. The service works as follows: Place your greeting cards in regular, addressed envelopes; do not stamp the envelopes and be sure to leave space in the upper part of each envelope.

For people ordering this service from within Israel OR who pay in shekels, the charge is NIS 3 per envelope. There is a minimum of ten envelopes.

For people ordering this service from abroad, the charge is $0.70 per envelope. There is a minimum charge of $10.00, i.e. not fewer than 15 envelopes.

Envelopes and payment by check or money order (please do NOT send cash) payable to "Israel Postal Authority" should be placed in a large envelope and sent to: PO Box 777, Nazareth, Israel, 16000.

All greeting card envelope will then be stamped with a special Mary’s Well stamp and be postmarked: "Season’s Greetings From The Holy Land." A golden sticker "VIA NAZARETH" will also be affixed to each greeting card envelope.

People who wish their greeting cards to be postmarked with a special Christmas Eve, 24.12.2001, postmark should so indicate in an accompanying letter; there is no extra charge.

People wishing to use this service are requested to send their envelopes as soon as possible so as to assist quick delivery.