Jerusalem, 12 March 2001

Closure around Ramallah Tightened
(Communicated by the Prime Minister’s Media Adviser)

In the wake of specific information regarding a terrorist attack to be carried out from the city of Ramallah, the closure around it has been tightened and operational activity has been stepped up in order to foil the attack.

Prime Minister Ariel Sharon’s policy is to ease sanctions everywhere but to act against localities in which terrorist activity is to be perpetrated. This is part of his policy of averting attacks and combating both the attackers and those who dispatch them.

 Closure around Ramallah Tightened-12-Mar-2001
 Closure around Ramallah Tightened-12-Mar-2001
Defense official: Ramallah closure foiled terror attack – J.Post, Mar 12, 2001
 Closure around Ramallah Tightened-12-Mar-2001
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