FM of Mauritania to Visit Israel

(Communicated by the Foreign Ministry Spokesperson)
May 30, 2001

Deputy Foreign Minister, Rabbi Michael Melchior, is due to depart today (May 30) for a trip which will include meetings with various leaders and organizations in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and the Netherlands, within the framework of an extensive Foreign Ministry Public Opinion campaign.

In the course of his trip, the Deputy Foreign Minister will meet with the Danish Prime Minister, Paul Nyrup Rassmunsen, with the Danish Foreign Minister, Mogens Lyketoft, the Norwegian Foreign Minister, Thorbjorn Jaglang, the Swedish Foreign Minister, Anna Lindh, and the Dutch Foreign Minister, Josias Van-Aartsen.

In addition, the Deputy Foreign Minister will meet with the Jewish communities of the aforementioned countries, and with the parliamentary Foreign Affairs Committees, leaders of the opposition and other representatives. Rabbi Melchior will also address youth organizations, human rights organizations and he will conduct interviews with the media.

Deputy Foreign Minister Melchior will present his counterparts with an update on the situation in the region, he will inform them of Israel’s support for the Mitchell Committee recommendations, with the aim of restarting negotiations with the Palestinians. In addition, the Deputy Foreign Minister will brief his counterparts regarding the preparations for the World Conference Against Racism which will take place in South Africa on August 31.