FM Peres Expresses Regret over Arab League Statement

(Communicated by the Foreign Ministry Spokesperson)
May 20, 2001

Foreign Minister Shimon Peres expressed regret over the concluding statement of yesterday’s Arab League Foreign Ministers Meeting in Cairo:

"Peace must be fostered, on an ongoing basis through continuous dialogue. In the Oslo Agreements, the parties agreed that all problems would be resolved through dialogue at the negotiating table – without terrorism and violence, and this is what should be done."

On Saturday, the committee of Arab League foreign ministers set up to keep an eye on the current conflict passed a resolution that recommended "severing all Arab political communication with Israel as long as the aggression of the siege on the Palestinian people and their national authority continues."
But yesterday Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak said Egypt and Jordan will not give up their efforts to relaunch the Palestinian-Israeli peace talks.
Egypt’s new foreign minister, Ahmed Maher, went even further and issued a statement saying that the Arab League recommendations will not affect Egypt’s ties with Israel.
(Jerusalem Post – May 21, 2001)