FM Peres Reacts to Israeli Army Activity in Gaza Strip and Ramallah

(Communicated by the Foreign Ministry Spokesperson)
March 28, 2001

Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Shimon Peres said that today’s (28.3) military activity was not an act of punishment, nor was it an act of revenge. However, it was a message to Force 17 which has violated the agreements between Israel and the Palestinians and engaged in terrorist activity. The targets were carefully selected so as to avoid injury to civilians. Foreign Minister Peres added that Israel will do everything possible so that the lives of civilians and everyday life are not harmed.

Dialogue without violence, in order to achieve a peace agreement that will give security to all parties, remains Israel’s goal.

Israel has demonstrated great restraint – not due to any lack of ability to respond but rather due to the desire to avoid escalation. However, the murderous events of recent days have been so blood filled and so terrible that they cannot be ignored.

The Foreign Minister briefed several foreign heads of state by telephone regarding the logic behind, and the need for, this activity.

 FM Peres Reacts to IDF Activity in Gaza Strip and Ramallah
 FM Peres Reacts to IDF Activity in Gaza Strip and Ramallah
Security Cabinet Communique – Mar 28, 2001