FM Peres Visit to Slovakia and Czech Republic

(Communicated by Foreign Ministry Spokesperson)
October 14, 2001

Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Shimon Peres will depart on Sunday October 14 for an official visit to Eastern Europe.

During his visit to Slovakia on October 15, Mr. Peres will meet with the President of Slovakia, Rudolf Schuster, Prime Minister Mikulas Dzurinda, Foreign Minister Eduard Kukan, and Parliamentary Speaker, Josef Migas.

During the visit of Foreign Minister Peres to the Czech Republic on October 16, he will meet with President Vaclav Havel, Prime Minister Milos Zeman, Foreign Minister Jan Kavan and Parliamentary Speaker Vaclav Klaus.

Foreign Minister Peres will participate in the "Forum 2000" meeting that will take place in Prague between October 14 -17, under the auspices of President Havel. The forum will discuss political issues, in light of the latest international developments. There will also be a special session devoted to the Middle East peace process, and Foreign Minister Shimon Peres will be one of the main speakers at the event.